Master’s degree in psychology (WES)


Julieta Lucero was born and raised in Argentina.
She has a PhD in Health Science and a Masters in Psychology.
She has been practicing psychoanalysis since 2010 in both, the clinical and research fields.
Julieta is a founder member of LEAP -Lacanian Encounter Association of Psychoanalysis- (United States). She is also founder member of Fundación Salto and senior editor of the psychoanalytic and academic annual journal, Saltos.
Julieta has a solid clinical experience with children and young adults. Highly trained in autism and psychosis. She has been working in this field for nine years providing treatment and guidance working in the medical, educational and mental health fields among with her private practice.
Julieta worked as a teacher at post-graduation infancy and youth psychiatry programs at Fundación Morra for several years. She also provided clinical supervision and training to psychoanalysts and mental health practitioners in different psychoanalytic contexts.
The outcome of Julieta’s drive and fully dedication to Lacanian psychoanalysis are clear. The belief in the psychoanalytic method and its practice lead someone’s life in the most profound and ethical direction of living and functioning.
Julieta divides her time between Barcelona, Spain and San Francisco, CA. Places that may bring fresh perspectives for the practice of psychoanalysis.
Places where to converge her own background and experience with the challenges that a new context may bring.

Lacanian Psychoanalysis

The method of psychoanalysis enables someone to make and sustain his own decisions.
In its practice, psychoanalysis, offers a path to confront suffering, not before admonishing the patient about the implications and consequences to face in this process. In the latter, psychoanalysis specificity raises.
Since this is the epitome of human suffering, psychoanalysis leads to encounter a purpose. Persistent in creating life for living, while whose suffering becomes alive.

My Practice

  • Psychoanalysis
  • Training
  • Research
  • Supervision


Teenagers, Bonds, and De-confinement*

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Psychoanalysis on the virtual edge*

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“O, mathematicians, shed light on error such as this! The spirit has no voice, because where there is voice there is a body.” (Leonardo Da Vinci in Agamben, 2007, 14). In lieu of the COVID-19 pandemic we would like to develop some brief ideas about psychoanalytical remote treatment. Of course, […]

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Theory and Practice with Children: Psychoanalysis of the Future?*

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Abstract: After many years of practicing with children, its purpose remains ambiguous. As psychoanalysts we are interested in re-thinking today about the elements and variables in play within the psychoanalytic setting. An introduction about the specific use of time as a valuable element trumps any other. Towards the end, we […]

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